2014-25. Western Norway: Drifting Wreckage

290923 UTC OKT 14

Source: Navtex 518 kHz, Kystverket Vest, 30 October 2014

See also: Hjemmene til folk ligger og flyter på fjorden, NRK news, 30 October 2014; Har fjernet større vrakdeler i Sørfjorden, Kystverket Vest, 31 October 2014; Har fjernet 180 kubikkmeter drivgods, Kystverket Vest, 3 November 2014

2014-23. * New Chart (NC): 61 “Ølveskysten fra Sponavika til Støaneset med Hyttevågen”

New Chart 61 “Coast of Ølve from Sponavika to Støaneset with Hyttevågen” is a nautical chart for navigational purposes along Ølve (municipiality of Kvinnherad, Hordaland, Norway). Its larger scale and more manageable format when compared to the official Norwegian nautical chart NO 22 also helps to support navigation in small craft in the bays and fjords of Ølve.

The design of chart 61 is akin to older Norwegian charts. It has been produced with Norwegian Datum of 1948 (NGO48) and is referred to the Oslo prime meridian. The difference to WGS84 is explained in a note on the chart. Its contents have been corrected through Efs through July 2014.

Scale: 1:35000
Format: ISO A4
Datum: NGO 1948
Small corrections: 3 August 2014
Corner coordinates:
59° 58.3′ N, 5° 00.4′ W of Oslo (SW corner)
60° 01.2′ N, 4° 50.9′ W of Oslo (NE corner)

Chart 61 is in Norwegian language.

2014-16. Hardangerfjorden: Kvamsøy light

Insert light (symbol P1 red) Fl.R.3s 8m 5M (symbols P10.4, P11.2, P13 and P14; single-flashing, red, light 8 m above datum, range 5 M) in position
and delete light (symbol P1) Kvamsøy close by:
60° 21.74′ N, 006° 16.94′ E, (Kvamsøy SE)

Insert light (symbol P1 green) Fl.G.3s 8m 5M (symbols P10.4, P11.3, P13 and P14; single-flashing, red, light 8 m above datum, range 5 M) in position:
60° 22.23′ N, 006° 21.17′ E, (Samlaneset)

Source: Efs 13/14 (51505 * / Tracing, 51507 * / Tracing, 51517 * / Tracing), Kartverket Norway / Kystverket Vest, 26 June 2014

2014-12. * Frankfurt: Radio navigation aid

Insert rotating-pattern VHF radiobeacon (DVOR) NAUHEIM 113.75 VFM (symbol S12 Aero, named “NAUHEIM”, transmitting its identifier “VFM” on 113.75 MHz) in position:
49° 57.71′ N, 008° 28.27′ E

Note: NAUHEIM VOR is a low power beacon used for SIDs at low altitude. Its range is very limited.

2014-9. * Tampa: Radio navigation aid

Insert non-directional radiobeacon (NDB) COSME 368 TP (symbol S16, named “COSME”, transmitting its identifier “TP” on 368 kHz) in position:
28° 05.12′ N, 082° 31.58′ W

Note: COSME NDB is a low power compass locator outer marker (LOM) used as final approach fix in the ILS / LOC RWY 19L terminal approach procedures. Additionally it is used as the missed approach fix for the RNAV (GPS) RWY 1R procedure. Its position makes it useful for staying clear of class Bravo airspace when flying VFR. The IFR procedures prescribe crossing COSME NDB at 2000 ft MSL or higher while the class Bravo floor is at 1200 ft.

Remark: Final approach fix POMSE (19L RNAV) is located approximately 130 m NNE of COSME NDB. The bearing from final approach fix JMBOB (19R) to COSME NDB is approximately 102° true.

2014-7. * End of updates for certain charts and publications

Corrections to the following charts and publications will no longer be promulgated through NM. Pub. 3T is updated accordingly.

  • 31 SKGB, Belegungsplan der Steganlage
  • 731 (new: 31R) SKGB, Gekaufte Boxen
  • 50T Trail Map of Central Ølve

Remark: The intention is to have Arne’s Notices to Mariners focus on navigational charts. Other updates may or may not be included as appropriate.

2014-5. * Karte 12T: Kartennummer

Ändere die Nummer der Karte 12T „Tiefenverhältnisse am Südufer der Brucher Talsperre“ auf 12B.

Hinweis: Das Suffix T designiert eine vorläufige Ausgabe („tractandum“). Nach wie vor ist eine Navigationskarte 12 geplant; diese soll jedoch nicht wie ursprünglich vorgesehen die Karte 12T ersetzen, sondern diese ergänzen. Für die Existenz beider Karten parallel ist daher das Suffix T nicht mehr angemessen; statt dessen verwenden wir das neue Suffix B, das die bathymetrische Ausgabe einer Karte kennzeichnet.

Siehe auch: Publication Numbering Scheme

2014-2. Husnesfjorden: Submarine cable

Insert submarine cable (symbol L30.1) between positions:
59° 53.16′ N, 005° 46.30′ E (Langgota)
59° 53.55′ N, 005° 45.69′ E
59° 53.63′ N, 005° 45.05′ E
59° 53.59′ N, 005° 43.03′ E
59° 53.63′ N, 005° 42.57′ E
59° 54.16′ N, 005° 40.81′ E (Seløysundet S)
59° 54.39′ N, 005° 40.59′ E (Hestholmen W)
59° 54.56′ N, 005° 40.60′ E
59° 54.78′ N, 005° 40.27′ E
59° 54.92′ N, 005° 40.23′ E (Flatøya W)
59° 55.28′ N, 005° 40.54′ E
59° 55.75′ N, 005° 40.17′ E (Seløysundet N)
59° 55.83′ N, 005° 39.86′ E
59° 55.81′ N, 005° 39.33′ E
59° 55.69′ N, 005° 38.51′ E
59° 55.63′ N, 005° 38.43′ E (Nyborg)

Source: Efs 24/13 (49643 *), Kartverket Norway / Telenor Norge AS, 10 December 2013