Catalogue of Publications

This page serves as a provisional “Catalogue of Charts and Publications” (Pub. 3T).

The following publications are currently being hold up-to-date by NM:

More publications may be added to this list at a later date. Corrections or notices pertaining to other publications may appear in NM. These are gathered on a random basis and will always be incomplete. Examples for this are the publications DE 32, DK 171 or NO 20.

Not all changes to these publications are promulgated through NM in detail. On numerous occasions changes are too intricate to replicate in NM while at the same time being not radical enough to warrant a New Edition (NE). In these situations a Large Correction (LC) will be issued. NE and LC are always announced in NM.

Publications are numbered in accordance with the numbering scheme.

Other publications:

  • 31 SKGB, Belegungsplan der Steganlage
    11th edition 2019, scale 1:200
    There are yearly New Editions of map 31. All other updates are published as Large Corrections at SKGB-intern (authorised users only).
  • 31R SKGB, Gekaufte Boxen (formerly 731)
    2nd edition 2014, scale 1:200
    Up-to-date versions are available through the SKGB board on request at any time. Restricted circulation.
  • 33 Anfahrtsskizze SKGB
    1st edition 2000, LC 2008, no scale
  • 41 Målebrevkart
    1st edition 2009, scale 1:250
  • 43 Naboskapet
    2nd edition 2011, 1:5000
  • 50T Trail Map of Central Ølve
    1st edition 2012, scale 1:40000

These are some of the publications by Arne Johannessen that are not corrected through NM. Because the “Catalogue of Charts and Publications” on this page is a provisional one, information about new charts and publications (NC) as well as new editions (NE), large corrections (LC), revised reprints and cancellations may be incomplete.

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