2021-26. Husavågen: Submarine cable

Insert submarine cable (symbol L30.1) between positions:
59° 59.92′ N, 5° 55.37′ W of Oslo (Traavik)
59° 59.89′ N, 5° 55.28′ W of Oslo
59° 59.88′ N, 5° 54.40′ W of Oslo (Grönnevika)

Move recommended anchorage (symbol N10) from 59° 59.86′ N, 5° 54.97′ W to:
59° 59.75′ N, 5° 54.97′ W of Oslo

Cancel NM 2021-8 (T).

Sources: Efs 09/21 (64548 *) and chart NO4F1011, Kartverket Norway, Stavanger, 12 May 2021

2021-19. * Chart 61: Revised Reprint

A Revised Reprint of chart 61 “Ølveskysten” is available. The new print does not incorporate changes significant to navigation other than those previously promulgated in Notices to Mariners. All copies of the 1st edition (dated August 2014) remain in force.

Small corrections: 27 April 2021

2021-14. * Husavågen: Overhead cables

Delete overhead cables (symbol D26) in positions (a) and (b):
59° 59.8′ N, 004° 55.5′ W of Oslo, (a, clearance 6.5 m)
60° 01.0′ N, 004° 53.2′ W of Oslo, (b, clearance 10 m)

Remark: The overhead cable with clearance 9 m close by (b) remains unchanged.

2021-8. * (T) Husavågen: Works in progress

Insert maritime limit (symbol N1.1) joining positions (a)–(b) and (c)–(d):
59° 59.7′ N, 4° 55.3′ W of Oslo (a)
59° 59.7′ N, 4° 54.3′ W of Oslo (b)
60° 60.1′ N, 4° 55.1′ W of Oslo (c)
60° 60.0′ N, 4° 54.4′ W of Oslo (d)

Insert legend Under arbeid (2021) (symbol F32) between maritime limits above.

See also navigational warning 2021-6.

2021-6. * Husavågen: Submarine installations under construction

Submarine power cables and water supply pipelines are being constructed in Husavågen. Once completed, they are meant to run between Tråvik and Grønnevika.

Several work vessels may operate in the vicinity of position 59° 59.9′ N, 5° 48.3′ E (WGS84). They may display ball–diamond–ball or other signals according to COLREGS. Work vessels include:

  • ALPHA, call sign LG2502
  • NAUTILUS MAXI, call sign LM5881
  • SJØBAS, call sign JXTC

Mariners are cautioned against all seabed activities in the works area, particularly fishing and use of the recommended anchorage close by.

2015-7. * Chart 61: Geodetic datum

Insert the accompanying block, showing the differences in geographic latitude and longitude between the datums WGS84 and NGO48, centred on position:
60° 00,97′ N, 004° 57,81′ W, NGO48 (replaces note “GPS-posisjoner”)

[NM Block 1507]

Image size: 45,1 × 22,1 mm²

2014-23. * New Chart (NC): 61 “Ølveskysten fra Sponavika til Støaneset med Hyttevågen”

New Chart 61 “Coast of Ølve from Sponavika to Støaneset with Hyttevågen” is a nautical chart for navigational purposes along Ølve (municipiality of Kvinnherad, Hordaland, Norway). Its larger scale and more manageable format when compared to the official Norwegian nautical chart NO 22 also helps to support navigation in small craft in the bays and fjords of Ølve.

The design of chart 61 is akin to older Norwegian charts. It has been produced with Norwegian Datum of 1948 (NGO48) and is referred to the Oslo prime meridian. The difference to WGS84 is explained in a note on the chart. Its contents have been corrected through Efs through July 2014.

Scale: 1:35000
Format: ISO A4
Datum: NGO 1948
Small corrections: 3 August 2014
Corner coordinates:
59° 58.3′ N, 5° 00.4′ W of Oslo (SW corner)
60° 01.2′ N, 4° 50.9′ W of Oslo (NE corner)

Chart 61 is in Norwegian language.