2020-27. * Chart NO 20: New Edition (NE)

Chart NO 20 “Sunnhordlandsfjordene” has been published as a New Edition (NE) by Kartverket on 26 April 2019.

This New Edition cancels the previous edition (published in 2015). However, it does not contain any changes significant to navigation, therefore it does not make the 2015 edition obsolete and it may safely be treated as a Revised Reprint by pleasure craft not required by law to carry up-to-date official charts (e. g. Forskrift om navigasjons­hjelpemidler / SchSV Anlage 1 C.I.4.3.).

Comprehensive list of changes in this (Limited) New Edition:

  • All issued official Norwegian Efs up to and including Efs 07/19 have been applied.
  • Magnetic variation has been updated (see also NM 2020-25 * T).
  • 53 topographic names have been added, removed, completely replaced, or otherwise considerably changed.
  • 128 topographic names have undergone minor spelling changes.
  • The coastline in the harbour of Eidsvik (Halsnøya) has been slightly refined.

While the 2015 edition may safely continue to be used for navigation, obtaining this updated version of chart NO20 is still recommended even for pleasure craft: Occasionally geographical names are spoken or spelled (for example when reporting positions by radiotelephone), and it is useful that all parties involved in such communication use the same reference for such names. Considering that, it would seem sensible for all chart users to obtain this New Edition at their earliest convenience in spite of the lack of changes significant to navigation.


  • Efs 08/19 (60166 *), Kartverket Norway, 30 April 2019
  • Differential image analysis of chart NO 20, comparing PODs dated 6 July 2018 and 10 May 2019.