2014-9. * Tampa: Radio navigation aid

Insert non-directional radiobeacon (NDB) COSME 368 TP (symbol S16, named “COSME”, transmitting its identifier “TP” on 368 kHz) in position:
28° 05.12′ N, 082° 31.58′ W

Note: COSME NDB is a low power compass locator outer marker (LOM) used as final approach fix in the ILS / LOC RWY 19L terminal approach procedures. Additionally it is used as the missed approach fix for the RNAV (GPS) RWY 1R procedure. Its position makes it useful for staying clear of class Bravo airspace when flying VFR. The IFR procedures prescribe crossing COSME NDB at 2000 ft MSL or higher while the class Bravo floor is at 1200 ft.

Remark: Final approach fix POMSE (19L RNAV) is located approximately 130 m NNE of COSME NDB. The bearing from final approach fix JMBOB (19R) to COSME NDB is approximately 102° true.