2012-178. * New Chart (NC): 50T “Trail Map of Central Ølve”

New map 50T “Trail Map of Central Ølve” is a map of trails in Ølve (municipiality of Kvinnherad, Hordaland, Norway) at scale 1:40000 (ISO A4). It is centred on the entrance to Hyttevågen and extends approximately 8 km north–south and 12 km east–west.

There are early plans to issue trail maps of Ølve in significantly larger scales such as 1:25000 at a later date. Map 50T might be generalised to an index map after such maps would have been published.

There are also plans to make cartographic improvements to map 50T and re-issue it as map 50. There is currently no fixed timetable for such improvements.

Date of first publication: 31 August 2012