2012-172. * Chart 61T: NM completeness

The 1st edition of chart 61T “Ølveskysten fra Hamarhaugflua til Støaneset med Hyttevågen” bears the small corrections date 15 January 2006. Arne’s NM have now reproduced all chart updates that were previously issued by Kartverket Norway up to and including Efs 13/12. Chart 61T is therefore now revised up to and including 15 July 2012. The following is a list of all NM that need to be applied to the 1st edition of chart 61T to get it up to date.

Remark: Arne’s NM are not checked by a hydrographic office or any other entity. You should consider cross-checking these chart updates with your copies of the official Norwegian Efs and chart NO 22.