2012-162. Onarheimsfjorden: Hamarhaugflu light

Amend sector limits at Hamarhaugflu light in position (a) as follows:
284.1°–290.9°, R
290.9°–302.7°, W
302.7°–336.4°, G
336.4°–354.4°, W
354.4°–006.9°, R
006.9°–012.9°, G
012.9°–039.8°, W
039.8°–153.2°, R
153.2°–167.6°, G
167.6°–168.8°, W
168.8°–187.9°, R

60° 00.12′ N, 005° 43.49′ E, (a)

Remark: Light character and colours unchanged.

Source: Efs 09/09 (415 *), Kartverket Norway, Stavanger, 16 April 2009

See also: Norsk Fyrliste (145200), Bergen, 19 June 2012

2012-160. Husavågen: Marine farm, ground tackles

Insert marine farm (symbol K48.2) in position:
59° 58.68′ N, 005° 46.54′ E, (a)

Insert ground tackles (symbol L18) from the marine farm in position (a) to each of the following positions:
59° 58.88′ N, 005° 46.66′ E
59° 58.77′ N, 005° 47.20′ E
59° 58.43′ N, 005° 46.90′ E
59° 58.35′ N, 005° 46.60′ E
59° 58.57′ N, 005° 45.86′ E
59° 58.78′ N, 005° 46.25′ E

Delete marine farm (symbol K48.2) in position:
59° 58.88′ N, 005° 46.67′ E

Source: Efs 08/09 (386 *), Kartverket Norway, Stavanger, 16 April 2009

Remark: Efs 08/09 includes a sketch of the situation on page 361.

2012-153. * New Chart (NC): 61T “Ølveskysten fra Hamarhaugflua til Støaneset med Hyttevågen”

New Chart 61T “Coast of Ølve from Hamarhaugflua to Støaneset with Hyttevågen” is a nautical chart for navigational purposes approaching the centre of Ølve (municipiality of Kvinnherad, Hordaland, Norway). Its larger scale and more manageable format when compared to the official Norwegian nautical chart NO 22 also helps to support navigation in small craft in the bays and fjords of Ølve.

Scale: 1:35000
Format: ISO A4
Corner coordinates:
59° 58.3′ N, 5° 43.0′ E (SW corner)
60° 01.2′ N, 5° 52.5′ E (NE corner)

Chart 61T is largely in Norwegian language.

There are plans to issue a nautical chart 61 with identical coverage. Chart 61 will be a better complement to other existing charts than 61T is and will also include all current nautical updates for this area. 61 will eventually also be available in an A3 version at scale 1:25000 with identical contents and coverage. While 61 is at time of this writing expected to be available some time during 2012, there is currently no fixed timetable for publication.

Date of first publication: 18 July 2012
Small corrections: 31 January 2007 15 January 2006

2012-1. * New Publication: 7 “Arne’s Notices to Mariners”

New Publication No. 7 “Arne’s Notices to Mariners” (NM) will contain any updates to charts and numbered publications published by Arne Johannessen. The “Catalogue of Charts and Publications” (Pub. 3) being one of these, NM will also contain information on new charts and publications (NC) as well as new editions (NE), large corrections (LC), revised reprints and cancellations.

NM will also be used for the prompt dissemination of information which is safety-related or which otherwise needs to be advised to the mariner urgently. See IHO S-4 B-600 for more information.