2021-21. * New Chart (NC): 62 “Entrance to Hyttevågen”

New Chart 62 “Entrance to Hyttevågen” is a nautical chart covering a central part of Ølve (Norway). The chart shows depths and navigational aids in Storeholsund, as well as approaches to the berths at Dalsjøen, Korshamn, Vesleholsund, and Nyhamar / Palfinger Marine.

Please note that the age and quality of most of the hydrographic source information used to compile this first edition of chart 62 is not satisfactory by modern survey standards. Official Norwegian paper charts are also not satisfactory within the area of this chart due to their small scale. Mariners should consider using Electronic Navigational Chart (ENC) NO4F1011 “Kvinnheradsfjorden” in addition to this chart, particularly on deep-draft vessels.

Scale: 1:5000
Format: ISO A4
Datum: ETRS89 (WGS84 compatible)
Small corrections: 30 April 2021
Corner coordinates:
60° 00′ 22″ N, 5° 48′ 09″ E of Greenwich (SW corner)
60° 00′ 48″ N, 5° 49′ 30″ E of Greenwich (NE corner)