2016-23. * Chart NO 20: Source Diagram, Inset

Insert reference letter A (symbol “circled A”) for inset plan “Åkrafjorden” in position:
59° 51,7′ N, 006° 16,6′ E

Amend reference to continuation on inset plan to read Continued on plan (A) (symbol “circled A”) in position:
59° 47,6′ N, 006° 09,8′ E (main chart border)

Insert the accompanying block, replacing part of the source diagram.

[NM Block 2016-23]

Image size: 31,4 × 72,8 mm²

Replace source diagram legend and note “CAUTION – The date of survey …“ with the following legend:

[magenta] Surveying 1932–1940, lead-line. Incomplete old surveys. Depth anomalies may be expected. Great care shoud therefore been exercised when navigating in these waters.
[green] Surveying 1981–2003, single-beam echosounder. Uncharted features hazardous to surface navigation are not expected, but may exist.
[blue] Surveying 1981–2003, multi-beam echosounder. All significant seafloor features detected.

Source: Print on Demand (POD) of chart NO 20, Kartverket Norway, 9 September 2016

Remark: Certain copies only.