A/UX Login

by Dave Payne & Jackie Macapanpan
© Apple Computer, Inc.

Login controls access to this machine, which is running A/UX, Apple's version of the UNIX® operating system.

A/UX is a registered trademark od Apple Computer, Inc.
UNIX is a registered trademark of AT&T Informations Systems.

A separate account should be created for each person who needs to use the system on a regular basis. To create a new account, log in as root an use the 'adduser' command. Refer to "Setting up Accounts and Peripherals for A/UX" for more information.

For security, each account should have a password. To change the password on an existing account from within Login, choose the Change Password… menu item from the Options menu. Set the password for the root account immediately; remember the password, but don't write it in an obvious place.

The Guest button on the main dialog box is enabled only if there is an account for Guest, as indicated by an entry in the /etc/passwd file.