Fly! Innsbruck 1.0


This Fly! 2K database update enables you to Fly! IFR around Innsbruck / Austria (LOWI / INN). The standard Fly! 2K database lacks various navigational aids including two localizers and one NDB. This database update emulates both localizers with terminal VORs due to limitations in Fly! 2K. You need to dial in the correct OBS before using any one of these “localizers”.

System Requirements

This update has not been tested with Fly! II (Fly! 2.0), but it might work. If you try this update with Fly! II, please send me your results to!

Download (2 kB)

Version History

Version 1.0, 2003-10-23
Version 0.8, 2003-02-08
Version 0.1, 2001-03-01

Known Issues

Don't expect any development regarding these problems. I do not know how to fix them.

Future Plans

The approach lighting and the chart will be done soon, but I depend on certain THAWsoftware products for that. The scenery will probably be more difficult; any help is appreciated.


[On the approach overhead RUM] [Short final 26 at night] [Vector map overview]


This update does not contain any charts or other information on the Innsbruck instrument procedures. I use some free charts from the SASFSS project, but they do not seem to be available on the web anymore. You may be able to find other charts at the following sources:


There has been some confusion on whether or not the OEV localizer (RWY 26) is equipped with a glide slope sender (331.7 MHz / 4.0 °) in real life. I've found a photo of the GS installation on JetPhotos.Net, so it should be pretty clear now that the OEV localizer indeed has a glide slope sender. However, there is another localizer near Innsbruck which does not have a glide slope (that's OEJ, used for the West Procedure).